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Camp Commūnicāre at Jericho

AAC Camp is a community. Individuals using AAC and total communication spend 5 weeks with others who communicate in similar ways. We offer an immersive environment. Our program focuses on use and modeling of language every moment we have. We foster leadership. We all have different strengths; AAC Camp gives individuals their time to truly shine. We are a family, committed to our community of individuals, their families and team members.We are really looking forward to this year's programming!

Program Details



July 6 - August 6, 2021

Monday - Thursday, 9am-1pm

August 6th is a Friday and is to make up for missing the first Monday (July 5th). This is the only Friday camp date. 

Jericho Campus, Holyoke
537 Northampton Street, Holyoke, MA 01040

Camp Team



Point of Contact



Lead Clinician



What COVID precautions are being followed?

We are updating our policies based on information provided by the site nurse. Staff will wear masks. All students who are able should wear a mask or protective face covering. 


What do we need to pack?

  • a lunch and a snack that can be kept cool or warm (i.e., thermos) in the student's lunch bag

  • utensils needed for lunch/snack

  • charged AAC device (if applicable)

  • extra set of clothes (with name)

  • bug spray and sunblock (with signed form

  • closed-toe shoes and long pants if riding

When is horseback riding?

Wednesdays. Please make sure your camper comes with closed-toe shoes, long pants, and the money for riding on that day. All paperwork must be up-to-date and completed before your camper can ride. 

When is swimming?

Swimming will likely be on Mondays and Thursdays (but may change). Please make sure that your camper has their bathing suit, towel, swim diaper (if applicable), change of clothes, and wet clothes bag.

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