Outer Space

This unit inspires creativity and imagination as we explore outer space. Travel with us as we learn about stars, planets and more, all while incorporating AAC and language. 

The Vocabulary

outer space | astronaut | spaceship | sky | look | fly | sun | moon | stars | planet | night | telescope

The Vocabulary Explained

Symbol Set: LAMP and Unity

Symbol Set: Symbolstix

The Language Boards

Symbol Set: LAMP

(LAMP Words for Life)

Symbol Set: Unity

(Accent | Vantage)

Symbol Set: Symbolstix


Symbol Set: Symbolstix - Fitzgerald


Symbol Set: PCS

(Snap & Core | TobiiDynavox)


Learning Activity:

Guess Where? Outer Space. This activity focuses on descriptive language, shifting our attention, outer space vocabulary. By asking "where is it?" we are creating opportunities to expand upon language. 

Symbol Set: LAMP and Unity

Symbol Set: Symbolstix

Learning Activity:

Outer Space Quiz Show! Levi is going to give some clues and try to stump Hillary with our space vocabulary.

Symbol Set: LAMP and Unity

Symbol Set: Symbolstix

Learning Activity:

For this activity we are reading the book, There was an Old Astronaut Who Swallowed the Moon. You might want to watch it again to look for the hidden pictures. Check the facts about the planets, comets, and more at the end of the book.

Symbol Set: LAMP and Unity

Symbol Set: Symbolstix

Search and Find

Space Facts

Other Resources

Here are more activities as well as different ways to continue to explore our theme. Remember to use AAC as you explore (white board, pictures, devices and more).   

Cooking - Yogurt Bars

Get creative with your yogurt bars. Yum.

Symbol Set: LAMP and Unity

Symbol Set: Symbolstix

Extension Activities

Here are some other ideas of how you can incorporate the theme and AAC in some other fun ways!

Paper Spaceships:

Leo teaches you how to make a paper "spaceship" and how to use the language board to comment and talk about the spaceship's flying skills.

Shooting Stars:

Here is a modeled activity where Leo and Levi show you how to play a "shooting star" game and model language with this week's language board.

Science - Balloon Rockets


Here are some books you might like to read to follow along with the theme for the week.


Astronaut Mark Kelly

Hey-Ho to Mars We’ll Go! Susan Lendroth

The Magic School Bus Lost in Space by Johanna Cole

The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot by Margaret McNamara

Virtual and In-person Field Trips and Experiences

Here are some ways or learning more about the theme through some interactive resources and opportunities.

Movies and Videos

And here are come movies for you to watch to continue with the space theme. 


Space Buddies

Space Chimps

This is a fun one! These rockets have different speeds and sounds. Enjoy your own.

Symbolstix: Proloquo2Go | TouchChat

Pixons | Minspeak: LAMP and Unity



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