Hiking and Camping Outdoors

We explore the outdoors with our theme centered around hiking and camping, and just being outside. There is lot that we can do to bring this unit to life.

The Vocabulary

outdoors | camp | hike | woods | bike | look | woodland animal | tree | pond | trail | campfire | tell

The Vocabulary Explained

Symbol Set: LAMP and Unity

Symbol Set: Symbolstix

The Language Boards

Symbol Set: LAMP

(LAMP Words for Life)

Symbol Set: Unity

(Accent | Vantage)

Symbol Set: Symbolstix


Symbol Set: Symbolstix - Fitzgerald


Symbol Set: PCS

(Snap & Core | TobiiDynavox)


Learning Activity:

It's charades again, but with action words this time. These words are connected to our outdoor/camping/hiking theme. Watch Hillary in action. 

Symbol Set: LAMP and Unity

Symbol Set: Symbolstix

Learning Activity:

Watch Hillary draw pictures of different action words and take some guesses as different clues are given. Have fun with this version of Pictionary.

Symbol Set: LAMP and Unity

Symbol Set: Symbolstix

Learning Activity:

Mother Bruce is the book being read today, but with an added spin. Listen as the book is read out loud, and watch for the modeling and commenting.

Symbol Set: LAMP and Unity

Symbol Set: Symbolstix

Learning Activity:

Hillary takes us on a virtual scavenger hunt with this fun, computer-based activity. 

Symbol Set: LAMP

Symbol Set: Unity

Symbol Set: Symbolstix - Proloquo2Go

Symbol Set: Symbolstix - TouchChat

Other Resources

Here are more activities as well as different ways to continue to explore the outdoor theme. Remember to use AAC as you explore (white board, pictures, devices and more).   

Cooking - Trail Mix

This is the perfect on-the-go snack. Leo and Levi show us trail mix.

Symbol Set: LAMP and Unity

Symbol Set: Symbolstix

Extension Activities

Here are some other ideas of how you can incorporate the theme and AAC in some other fun ways!

Nature Art:

Collect treasures (leaves, flowers, twigs and sticks) to glue down and make some creative pictures from your time outside. 

Flat Clinician:

Take a friend or a photo of a friend, teacher, or family member on some outdoor adventures and take some pictures along the way. 


Paint, water, cotton balls, and glitter...see what happens when you add them together in this experiment making galaxy jars.

Symbol Set: LAMP and Unity

Symbol Set: Symbolstix


Here are some books you might like to read to follow along with the theme for the week.

I Took a Walk by

Henry Cole

Stick and Stone by Beth Perry & Tom Lichtenheld

Because of an Acorn by Lol Schaefer and Adam Schaefer

Forest Life and Woodland Creatures

Virtual and In-person Field Trips and Trails

Here are some ways or learning more about the theme through some interactive resources and opportunities.

Hiking Trip 1: LAMP and Unity

Hiking Trip 1: Symbolstix

Hiking Trip 2: LAMP and Unity

Hiking Trip 2: Symbolstix

Movies and Videos

And here are come movies for you to watch to continue with the outdoor theme. 

Open Season

Over the Hedge

The Lorax



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