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About AAC Camp 

AAC Camp is a community. Individuals using AAC and total communication spend 5 weeks with others who communicate in similar ways. We offer an immersive environment. Our program focuses on use and modeling of language every moment we have.

Program Details



July 8 - August 8, 2024 (5 weeks)

Monday - Thursday, 9am-1pm

Jericho Campus, Holyoke
537 Northampton Street, Holyoke, MA 01040




Hillary Jellison

(413) 302-1503

We will be enjoying:

  • Music therapy

  • Movement group

  • Science experiments

  • Cooking

  • Swimming

  • Literacy exploration

  • Art

  • Hands-on activities to support learning

AAC Camp Flyer 2024 1.jpg
AAC Camp Flyer 2024 3.jpg

Who comes to camp?

Individuals who use AAC as their main mode of communication or to add to their verbal communication. Small groups will be led by Speech Language Pathologists with support from graduate level clinicians.



Where is camp?

This year we will host camp at Jericho, in Holyoke. The facility provides access to an accessible playground, pool, indoor space with air conditioning, outdoor space, and a welcoming community.

Why camp?

We offer an immersive environment. Our program focuses on use and modeling of AAC every moment we have. We foster leadership. Our AAC campers all have strengths. We capitalize on having campers use these strengths to model for others and give them their time to truly shine. We empower others. Our team places a heavy emphasis on working with individuals using AAC to initiate communication and advocate for themselves. Learn more about what makes our program unique...

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