It's down in the deep blue sea with this unit. Travel with us to the aquarium and continue to learn and practice using AAC in the context of this week's theme. 

The Vocabulary

aquarium | biologist | ship | water | tank | look | ocean animal | feel/touch | breathe | show | rescue

The Vocabulary Explained

Symbol Set: LAMP and Unity

Symbol Set: Symbolstix

The Language Boards

Symbol Set: LAMP

(LAMP Words for Life)

Symbol Set: Unity

(Accent | Vantage)

Symbol Set: Symbolstix


Symbol Set: Symbolstix - Fitzgerald


Symbol Set: PCS

(Snap & Core | TobiiDynavox)


Learning Activity:

Virtual Guess Who with ocean animals, working on describing words and negation. Does yours have fins? Does yours breathe under water? Does yours have tentacles? Play along and have fun. You can download the pictures you see, too.

Symbol Set: LAMP and Unity

Symbol Set: Symbolstix

Learning Activity:

This is a fun one: The Snail and the Whale. Listen as the book is read out loud, and watch for the modeling and commenting.

Symbol Set: LAMP and Unity

Symbol Set: Symbolstix

Learning Activity:

Escape Room! Following directions with a map of the aquarium. Hillary shares a map from an aquarium and gives some directions to follow so you can safely navigate out of the aquarium while learning and seeing different ocean animals and biologists.

Symbol Set: LAMP and Unity

Symbol Set: Symbolstix

Learning Activity:

Mad Libs is the name of the today's game. Enjoy this funny fill-in-the-blank activity, and help Hillary create an awesome story.  

Symbol Set: LAMP

Symbol Set: Unity

Symbol Set: Symbolstix - Proloquo2Go

Symbol Set: Symbolstix - TouchChat

Other Resources

Here are more activities as well as different ways to continue to explore the theme. Remember to use AAC as you explore (white board, pictures, devices and more).   

Cooking - Smoothies

A cool and healthy treat. Enjoy the smoothies.

Symbol Set: LAMP and Unity

Symbol Set: Symbolstix

Extension Activities

Here are some other ideas of how you can incorporate the theme and AAC in some other fun ways!


Just sticking icons underneath bowling pins can turn this routine activity into a language-based one. Watch how Jen and Liam do it and think about other ways you can embed icons. 

Fishing Fun:

This week's theme works well when "fishing" for objects or icons. Watch how Liam does it, but think about how you can also do this with the game "Go Fish" and other activities.


Who knew you could make water walk? Check out this fun experiment.

Symbol Set: LAMP and Unity

Symbol Set: Symbolstix


Here are some books you might like to read to follow along with the theme for the week.

Mister Seahorse

Eric Carle

A House for Hermit Crab Eric Carle

Pout, Pout Fish

Deborah Diesen & Daniel Hanna

Who Would Win?

Jerry Pallotta

First Big Book of the Ocean Catherine Hughes

Big Al

Andrew Clement

Virtual and In-person Field Trips and Experiences

Here are some ways or learning more about the theme through some interactive resources and opportunities.

Movies and Videos

And here are come movies for you to watch to continue with the theme for the week. 

Finding Nemo


Finding Dory

Free Willy

Dolphin Tale



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