Camp Commūnicāre Online

This year our AAC camp is online. We are working alongside our campers, communication partners, and clinicians. We have an exciting curriculum, fun specials (like yoga, music, OT, cooking, and more), and information for communication partners. 

Already signed up?

We are really looking forward to working together. Use the passcodes shared with you when you signed up to enter the sites for campers, communication partners, and clinicians. Remember that even if doing camp through your school campers still need to register and complete the consent below.

Interested in signing up? 

Do you want to be part of this years camp, or are you signing up through school? Here is information about the program as well as important documentation. All camp participants need to complete the registration and consent form below:



Want the Curriculum?

Are you doing your own program this summer, but want to create your own camp? You can purchase our curriculum and our specials, with all the downloadable links (basically everything but the live Zoom sessions and AAC consultation). 



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