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Camp Commūnicāre 


It's Camp Time! To learn more about this year's respective programs in Northampton, at Jericho, and online, click on the links below. There you will find FAQs, resources and more. 

Camp at

Learn about this year's camp at Jericho. 

Camp in Northampton

Learn about the Camp Commūnicāre program being run in collaboration with Northampton Schools.

Literacy Programming

Find out information about the Literacy Program.


Get access to our program for you to use yourself. You can do it yourself or we can help, too. 


This year’s content programming is even better than last year. What are you going to be when you grow up? We have even more pre-recorded activities and really exciting themes where we explore professions in fun and engaging ways. Our prerecorded activities range a variety of skills and embed emergent literacy elements and lots of language concepts. These resources are created by our clinical team and demonstrate AAC support strategies and vocabulary immersion, with corresponding implementation kits.


When I Grow Up…Will I Be a…

  1. Chef vs. Author– July 6th to July 8th, 2021

  2. Landscaper vs. Mechanic–July 12th to July 15th, 2021

  3. Scientist vs. Engineer – July 19th to 22nd, 2021

  4. Paleontologist vs. Veterinarian– July 26th to 29th, 2021

  5. Builder vs. Artist – August 2nd to August 6th, 2021

Camp Info Handout

This document has our general Camp Commūnicāre information for 2021.

Programming Outline

Learn about the type of activity and format that we use each week. 

Communication Partners

Part of our program is designed to support communication partner learning. Learn more. 

Purchasing Options

Get access to our program for your to use yourself. You can do it yourself or we can help, too. 


Camp Commūnicāre Programming Outline

We are going to explore all sorts of professions this year. Each week we are going to compare and contrast two different professions through a number of activities and activity formats. The type of activity and format will be the same each week and only the vocabulary and theme will change. This consistency leaves more room for us to focus on language, literacy and AAC, as well as having fun!


Communication Partners

Supporting our communication partners is as important as supporting our campers. As part of our program, we have a communication partner support resource to share fundamental content and partner strategies in a variety of different formats. The goal is to address critical skills throughout the program through information sharing, clinician modeling, and real-time support. 




Camp Commūnicāre Programming Options

We are looking forward to sharing the Camp Commūnicāre experience with you. Buy one of our camp options. If you are accommodating multiple learners (3 or more individuals), please contact us for bulk purchasing options.

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